Foodie Christmas Gifts for Under $50

Christmas is officially four Friday’s away. That’s four Friday’s people!

Some of you may be of the organised type, where you have been stashing away hidden gifts for the last three months to avoid the Christmas rush. For others, that have a tendency to leave everything to the last minute, we have had a little search and come up with some gifts under $50 for your loved ones who love to get in the kitchen.

The best part of all, is that you don’t have to leave you home. You may be aware, at Chef de Home, we are advocates for encouraging people to have services come them, like ours. So this, my friends, is all about gifts delivered right to your door. Who wants to leave the house if you don’t need to!?

Myer Online - CategoryName
VUE “Kitchen Scales” – $31.46 (MYER)

Myer Online - CategoryName
The Aromatherapy Co “Therapy Kitchen Wash” – $39.95 (MYER)

Myer Online - CategoryName
“My Street Food Kitchen” – $25.99 (MYER)

Myer Online - CategoryName
VUE Bowl Set with Tray – $20.96 (MYER)

Myer Online - CategoryName
Teraforma Whisky Rocks – $34.95 (MYER)


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