Congratulations to the Dining in the Dark Prize Winner

Congratulations to Ebony Frost, Guide Dogs WA Dining in the Dark, prize winner.  She has won a Chef de Home dining experience of a three course dinner for six people cooked in the comfort of her home.

Throughout October and November groups of friends and families got together to enjoy a night of Dining in the Dark. The challenge was to experience a night of food and fun whilst being blindfolded, with the lights out or by candlelight. Guests were encouraged to donate what they would normally spend on a night out to Guide Dogs WA.

Ebony and her family have been consistent supporters of the organisation since 2006 and they decided for their Dining in the Dark night they would honor the memory of their beautiful labrador, who sadly passed away 10 year ago.

“We decided a Japanese theme would be fun for our Dining in The Dark Dinner and invited six of our closest friends and their kids to join us around a low table seated on cushions on the floor! Everyone came with donations and several of the kids contributed all the pocket money they’d saved in October,” Ebony said.

“We played some blindfold games including ‘pin the ball on the dog’;’name the herb’ (just by smell); and ‘navigate to the Hills Hoist’. It was the most fun we’ve had in ages!”

Guide Dogs WA is totally reliant on the support of the community to fund the Guide Dog Program. Thank you to everyone out there that hosted a Dining in the Dark night. You’ve raised money for a terrific cause and we imagine you had a lot of fun in doing so.

We are looking forward to meeting and cooking for Ebony and her family in the near future.

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