A first hand experience of Chef de Home

The concept of hiring a personal chef is very new and foreign to a lot of people. It is something considered for the rich and famous or for those with a celebrity status. This is the case no more and hasn’t been for sometime.

A lot of people out there may have considered the idea. It is ideal if you are wanting a special dining experience at home. You don’t have to worry about the kids, no problems with who will drive and you can stay as long as you like. This with all the added bonuses of hiring out a private room in a restaurant, the scene is set for you, you have staff waiting on you, a beautiful gourmet meal and you don’t have to worry about any cleaning at the end. Perfection!

Recently Neil and Denise hired the Chef de Home team and Neil summed up their night so well, we wanted to share it with you. We felt it may help you to visualise and imagine what the Chef de Home experience is all about. They hosted a dinner for four including themselves.

“We hadn’t mentioned to Adrian and Teresa beforehand anything about Chef de Home, so when they walked down our rather  long driveway and saw Chef Ben’s Cruiser parked near the house, I think it created a little sense of mystery. Then they walked into the kitchen where Chef Ben and Chef Michael were already set up and on the way to creating their gourmet delights and both Adrian and Teresa were a little blown away, with Teresa being momentarily speechless.

We started outside for the canapés and champagne with Chef Michael and/or Chef Ben bringing them out and giving us a description of what was in each one including the source of the produce and that really added something special to the experience. Best of all the 4 of us loved the flavour combinations in each of the 4 different canapés. They were just the right size and served with a little gap between each which was also just the right timing.

Chef Ben then called us inside to the dining room for the entrees. Being the guests, we let Adrian and Teresa choose which dishes they wanted to have, with Denise and I having the alternatives.  I think that also worked really well as both Adrian and Teresa found it quite difficult to decide with all 3 courses as they would have liked them all.  This is where I’ll add in a comment from Adrian’s email as he said “the selection of food choices, tastes and quality was perfect.”  It was the choices available on the menu list provided by you that enabled Denise and I to choose such good options.

At one stage during the dinner, Adrian also made the comment that the way Chefs Ben and Michael worked and presented the dishes was all so seamless. He also said to us that “Having the opportunity to have a wonderful meal at home and still being able to enjoy your company without the normal food preparation interruptions was a quintessential bonus.”

For Denise and I, having never previously used a home chef, and even though my dealings with you had given us confidence, we were still a little apprehensive about how it would all go. However, Chef Ben’s professionalism became very evident as soon as he arrived and we were able to just relax and appreciate what he and Chef Michael created for us.

As well as the quality of the food, Denise and I were very impressed with the clean-up that Chefs Ben and Michael did, and that also happened without us even realising that they had done it and that they were about to leave.

Overall, it was a wonderfully memorable experience for us and our guests and we’d like to give you, Chef Ben and Chef Michael special thanks for making it this way for us.”

For more information on Chef de Home please visit our website today.


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